Pricing policy

There are two pricing options available for translation services from Division One Academic and Language Services

Word count

By default a rate of 35 AUD per 100 words would be applied.  This is suitable for general prose text documents.  Note further that by default all words and numbers in the original document will be counted. 

For specialised documents (e.g. patents) a higher rate shall be advised following inspection of the source text. 

Fixed price

If the document is provided by the Client for an appraisal, a quotation can be prepared with a fixed, all-inclusive price.  Fixed prices also generally apply to translation of personal identity documents and certificates (e.g. marriage certificates, testamurs). 

General comments

Due to the high level of service provided, please be aware that the price will not be the cheapest you can find in comparison to miscellaneous online spruikers. 

Further guidance on pricing in the industry is provided on the AUSIT website FAQ