Express service

Division One Academic and Language Services does not typically offer an 'express' service. 

Definition of an express service?

By "express service" we refer to provision of a translation e.g. on the "same day", or the "next morning". Typically within 24 hours, and described as "urgent" or "rush" or "express". 

Occasionally a job might fall into this category even if more time is allowed.  E.g., requesting a very large job to be completed within one week may still qualify as an 'express' service. 

Why some translators might not generally offer an 'express' service

Some translators may specialise in doing small jobs quickly, and are sitting waiting for a job to come in. 

Other translators have existing commitments to their current clients, and cannot always reconfigure their schedule of work to suit each new enquiry.

What to do if you have an urgent enquiry

You should be sure to include as much relevant information as possible in your initial enquiry, and be sure to indicate that the job needs to be done urgently
If possible, it will be most reliable to telephone the translator as the first step, which has three benefits: (i) you can be certain that the enquiry was received by the translator;  (ii) you can be advised whether your job will fit into the translator's timetable;  (iii) each subsequent step that is necessary can be outlined in advance, so that those steps can be taken more quickly/efficiently. 

Be prepared to pay a surcharge (additional fee) for any urgent jobs. 

Be prepared to contact more than one translator about your urgent enquiry.  If you have decided to proceed with one particular translator, it would be polite to inform others with whom you have made enquiries that you no longer need their services.