The standard service offered by Division One Academic and Language Services is to translate text in a variety of formats. 

What's included?

The text may be provided as the original, as a certified copy, or in electronic format, depending upon the nature of the document. 

It is important to note that all of the text provided will be included, unless explicitly instructed otherwise. 


Using a certified Professional Translator has several advantages. 

  • A guarantee of a high level of professional competency.
  • Official status recognised by major organisations, and required by government agencies.
  • Reliable service, with ability to maintain a long-term stable professional relationship. 
  • Ethical practice, as discussed further on this website
  • Natural and idiomatic language will be used, which is not available from online tools ('machine translation'), and may not be available from uncertified sources. 
    EXAMPLE:  "Die Konzernspitze schätzt, dass ein Einfrieren der Arbeiten mit rund 500 000 Euro pro Arbeitstag zu Buche schlagen würde.
    Microsoft (Bing) translation:  "The CEO estimates that a freeze of working with around 500 000 euros per working day record would.
    Google translation:  "The compa ny estimates that a freeze on work would account for around EUR 500 000 per work day to book."
    Correct translation:  "
    The company executive estimate that a work freeze would add about 500 000 euro per working day to the accounts."

More information is available on the NAATI website

Additionally, being PhD-qualified as an engineer, specialised technical jargon in German, Indonesian and English can be handled with aplomb.