Stand with Ukraine!

What happened?

On 24 February 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine, and since then has been waging all-out war on Ukraine.  Many people have been killed, and an even larger number are continuing to suffer.  The worst suffering has been within Ukraine, but the negative consequences of Russia's invasion have also spread around the world.  

One hundred and forty-one (141) countries have condemned this invasion, supporting a resolution of the United Nations (UN) demanding that Russia “immediately, completely and unconditionally withdraw all of its military forces from the territory of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders”.  Only five (5) countries — Belarus, North Korea, Eritrea, Russia, and Syria — opposed that resolution.  

What we are doing

Division One Academic and Language Services stands with Ukraine and the people of Ukraine as they resist the brutal Russian invasion of their country.  

10 % of all revenues received for language services (poof-reading, editing, and translation) since the start of this all-out war will be donated to support the people of Ukraine (and refugees of Ukraine) through the official fundraising account established by the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU).  

NOTE:  this decision does not have any effect at all on the amount paid by our clients.  Clients pay the same amount as they would have before the invasion.  The only difference is that now some of our income will be dedicated for helping people who are (or have been) under attack and suffering.  

We would also decline work from clients in Belarus, North Korea, Eritrea, Russia, and Syria.  

What others are doing

With several million refugees and numerous injured or traumatised (or both), apart from those killed and all of the physical destruction, around the world many have already recognised the huge need for assistance, including: 

* One hundred and forty (140) countries have upheld the need to support the people of Ukraine, demanding civilian protection and humanitarian access in Ukraine, while also criticising Russia for creating a “dire” humanitarian situation through its invasion of Ukraine.  Only five (5) countries — Belarus, North Korea, Eritrea, Russia, and Syria — opposed that resolution.  

What you can do

You can support Ukraine too by:  

  • educating yourself** about the war launched by Vladimir Putin;  
  • boycotting Russian & Belarusian products, services & investments;  
  • donating to reputable charities*** supporting Ukrainians in need; 
  • raising this issue with other people.  

** If news is censored in your country, learn how to access international news sites through a VPN, and survey a variety of reputable publications from a diverse set of countries to understand how most of the world perceives the Russian aggression and (apparent) war crimes.  

*** DefendUkraine has a curated list of "Verified fundraisers, charities and donation links in support of Ukraine", which are generally Ukrainian and international organisations.  Australian Philanthropic Services has a list of Australian and international organisations who are providing support. (See also  Similarly, WISE has a list of British and international organisations who are providing support.